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The belief that you should be unacceptable or without a heart can be very painful. Due to the lack of self-confidence, you can not be afraid to interact with each other. When you are in situations where they will see you by others, or when you need to speak in front of a crowd or strangers who can be feared. It can make you feel uncomfortable. Avoid contact of the drug with the eyes and wear it with caution. The idea is that what is socially unacceptable will be reinforced if you have the feeling that other people react strangely to you.

As a result of the problems that may arise, you can avoid social contact with her, although you know that she is in the social spheres, and in their interaction with the environment-this is a huge part of life. We are not always able to avoid a social situation in our daily lives. You can be invited to a party where friends are out and celebrating, or colleagues from work to celebrate their anniversary. It is not always possible to prevent interaction at the social level.

How can you use it to boost your social self-esteem if you don’t need it? Before I tell you what, let me start with a little story about a rat.

If a rat is in your house, you might want to eat tomatoes, and that will ruin your reward. In order to catch one of them, you need to know how, when and where the company operates. You may want to catch if the house will have a small piece of cheese trapped or a place with rat poison in the place where the rat will probably spend time.

A similar approach is used to improve self-esteem. What it takes to understand how your brain works and what patterns you have, so you can take a break to do these projects and create new ones.

The first trigger is a certain image that I need to do something that will lead to confusion. What you think and feel. Your thoughts make you feel anxious. When there is an anxious feeling that you should respond by avoiding social interaction, as well as as a result of this, there is a lack of social self-esteem. To overcome social anxiety, fear, therefore, it is necessary to act in this form. We can determine what this pattern will look like:

state space of images of shyness (thoughts) – fear (feelings)- avoidance (reactions)

We know that we can’t change the external environment either (sometimes you’ll find that in a social situation, whether you like it or not). We can only influence our internal environments, in terms of how we should react to the external environment. Constantly trying to avoid social situations can be used as a workaround to solve the problem. However, this is not a guarantee of success in the long run, in the direction of improving the way you treat yourself. What can you do to change your thought process, emotions, and test your answers?

Failures in the past that have come along with you, every type of social situation you need to have to communicate with it in fear of triggering. In the end, however, people when??????????, we don’t want to walk away from a burning candle. Therefore, to help you increase your social self-esteem, you need to forget about the mistakes of the past, trying to change your view of social situations, this is the first thing. Here are 3 ways that I have created to help overcome social anxiety and improve social interactions.

  1. Consider social situations as an opportunity, calling on past success.

Many successful sports teams have a tradition of taking it along with their players because of their success in the past, because it’s the cup final. Then the previous final of the competition will appear and get all the trophies that the team has earned. The success of the team and players, it helps to be motivated to win another cup for the team. If you’ve ever been effective in the past and communicate socially use it as an anchor for yourself. Think about the times when you will give a presentation in front of an audience and communicate very well with a stranger. Have you ever been in a situation where you can say a public phrase and it was done despite your fear? Now it’s time to refresh your memory. Remember that your track record consists of success and celebrating recent victories as much as you can, but you must believe in yourself and the future.

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