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Satta Matka Short Intro

You must have known the Satta Matka game, if you do not know, then we tell you, what is a lot of Satta Matka or people play it or what can be the harm in your life or even on your pocket. You may also get used to it, but we are telling you only about it, we do not say that play the game at your own risk, if you play the game at your own risk, then there will be some loss or benefit.

This game is played from the 90s, in India it was played in another way but as the technology has also changed, then the game’s haunt is Mumbai or even today it is Mumbai but still the game is log play online only. Sitting at home, but in earlier times, it was used to get the number by putting the number in the pot. Satta Matka was very popular in Mumbai since the name of 90s and such a time has come that the government had to make it illegal and since then it is an Illegal game and many people are still talking about Satta Matka game.

They are very curious and do not stop investing money if they get a chance. But today the time has changed and as everything is becoming digital, this game has also become digital and there is no need for people to gather at one place and play Satta Matka. Through Website and App, you can invest money in any corner of the country and then play this game. You must have heard the names of many Satta Matka groups like Matka king, Kalyan Matka Boss Matka, these are such online communities. Those who operate the Matka game and people have money for them. Today in this post we are going to tell what is Satta Matka game? And how any person can play this game online.

What is Satta Matka?

Satta Matka is a game of cards in which the player has to choose a number from the cards and on that basis if his number matches. Whoever wins the game and loses if not found. One more thing you cannot play it for free, Satta Matka is a type of betting game. In which money is played and there is an organizer in it and there are many players who spend money on one fixed card number, which is generally known by the name of fix number Matka. In this, the player has a choice.

That today one can always select the game mode according to such as Fix Number Matka, Single Number or any other for this there are many websites and groups online which organize such games in which Boss Matka, Matka King, TIME BAZAR, MILAN NIGHT and Kalyan Matka are the most popular. You can consider it like other betting games.

Name of Satta Matka Club

When you go to see the satta matka result, the names of the clubs are written there and the person who invests the money only sees the club on which the money has been invested. In such a situation, if you want to know which is the club where Satta Matka is played. So here are some names which are quite popular on the internet and people play more with them online.
Satta matka kalyan – This is the most popular club, more information will be found on the internet about this, people like to play Kalyan Matka the most. Because of this, crores of people have joined here today, about which you may not even know.

Bombay Matka Com – Maybe you do not know that Matka game is played the most in Mumbai and it became popular all over India because of this who is from Bombay. Or if you like to play with an old club, this club is the best for them.

what satta matka winning amount?

As we told you, this is an online satta matka betting game in which people spend money and they get 2 times or 10 times that money. Most people are attracted towards this game because the return is very high here. For example, if it is written on 1 of 4, then it means if the player puts 100 rupees, then he will get 400 rupees. At least 4 times and maximum 10 to 100 times can also be found in Satta Matka game. That’s why people are eager to play this game. But in this affair, many people have ruined their lives but they have not been able to earn anything because you would call it a gamble which you play.

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Play Satta Matka

Now a player after understanding all this becomes ready and when a club is open, he places betting on any number and then betting on the number at the time of closing time. The numbers are opened after the betting is closed and only then it is known who won and who lost.

680 – Means number of cards is six, athha and dehala
190 – Means number of cards is Ekka, Nahala and Dehala
40 – This is a set which is made from the combination of both the numbers.
For example, 6+8+0 = 14, then the second digit 4 is taken from it and then 1+9+0 = 10, the second digit 0 is taken from it. When the numbers are opened, the player has to place a bet and there are 5 types of betting that you can play.

Play Ank (Single Digit)
Play Jodi (Double digit)
Play Pana SP (Triple digit)
Play Pana DP (Triple digit)
Play Pana TP (Triple digit)
After applying this, if the player’s number matches, then the money is given according to the pre-determined amount, such as the lowest 9 times for the pair and the highest amount from 90 to 100 times for any triple digit game.

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Friends, as we told you about this Satta Matka game, it is illegal game. This can get you used to it and you can come to the floor with ash. Therefore, the more you stay away from this type of game, the better it is because it can ruin you too.

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