Raj Thackeray entry into the political drama of Maharashtra 2022

Raj Thackeray’s entry into the political drama of Maharashtra, know that Mukhiya Shinde spoke to the MNS chief.

In the political drama Raj Thackeray of Maharashtra, the chief of the Bhagiyo, Ek Nath Shinde, spoke to him over the phone. Shinde talks to the MNS chief and talks about his health. Raj’s is recovering from his hip after his hip surgery. Recently Raj Thackeray returns to his home after his hip operation. However, it is believed that there has been a discussion between the two on a political matter.

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Raj is about 36 figures from Uddhav. After that, he was launched by MNS. However, whenever Thackeray’s family was seen in trouble, they had Raj Thackeray for that crisis. Whether it is the last time of Babasaheb or why is Babasaheb a beamer.

Raj was seen roaming around in someone’s car, we felt that now both of them have become one again, but nothing is happening. Uddhav is in trouble, because the MLAs of Sindhe Group have enrolled in the Supreme Court. This petition has been listed for hearing. It has been said in the petition that more than two third members of Shiv Sena Legislature Party support us.

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