What is Amazon Web Services?

Amazon Web Services is a huge subsidiary of Amazon offering various on-demand Cloud computing solutions and APIs to people, businesses, and governments, on a pay as you go basis. These are also known as the AWS cloud services and are very much in demand these days. In fact, many big corporations and even small start ups are investing in these services in order to save on costs, as well as to enhance the productivity of their employees and boost their profitability. Today, we will take a look at what is Amazon Web Service and how it can help different people, businesses, and organizations today.


One of the most common uses of what is Amazon web service is for applications that require a global presence. Such applications include those that deal with e-commerce, real estate business, software development, marketing, and other similar fields. Such application will require an infrastructure consisting of several hardware devices, networks, servers, software, and applications. It is up to the user or the company to maintain the entire infrastructure and provide access to data and applications from anywhere in the world.


Amazon Web Service makes this very easy by providing a flexible and reliable platform for users and companies to use as they wish. There are two main elements here: the computing power and storage. The computing power is provided by what is called the Amazon Web Server and the Storage Server. The former provides the connectivity to the AWS resources while the latter manages the storage. Thus, it is the responsibility of the client application to provide the proper data models and make sure they are connected to the correct regions.


In addition to the main AWS components, what is Amazon web services also include the Amazon APIs and tools. These APIs are middleware that simplify the integration of what is called “aws APIs”. Amazon APIs helps clients find and execute business logic that is based on big data analytics, SaaS, and E-commerce features. On the other hand, the tools are the interface and the graphical user interface to the AWS environment. Clients don’t need to have deep expertise on AWS and Cloud Computing to take advantage of its benefits.


Clients can start running their applications on the AWS public cloud without any trouble. It is strongly encouraged for beginners to begin with the test lab in the AWS foundation. This lab allows users to experience firsthand the capabilities of the public cloud and to develop software to scale up and scale down easily. This way, when they feel ready to move to the main AWS infrastructure, they do so with ease.


What is Amazon web services also does well in providing IT managers with quick and easy visibility into the status of their on-premises IT infrastructure. Through AWS account numbers, IT managers can monitor usage and costs of storage, servers, network, and software, as well as determining what orders are coming in and going out. They can also view dashboard reports of critical resources, such as servers and software, to quickly determine how changes in the utilization can improve customer satisfaction. These features make it easy for IT managers to adjust their strategy and ensure that resources are optimized for the current needs of their customers.


Another key advantage to what is AWS is its price. The USGBC has found that AWS provides an extremely cost-effective model, especially for larger enterprises that require a large storage capacity. In contrast, many of the offerings from the major cloud providers like EMC and Microsoft can be quite expensive. Amazon’s pricing model also provides end-users with a flexible and cost-effective option for data storage, application deployment, and management.


What is AWS and why should you use it? Today, most companies know what AWS is, but few have the opportunity to see what it can do for them. The ECX platform – the underlying technology used by AWS – has many exciting new capabilities. Through a more affordable and flexible service level, AWS takes advantage of its customers’ need for a comprehensive BaaS offering. With this powerful new technology at their fingertips, businesses can enjoy even greater efficiency and control while staying completely competitive in today’s cloud environment.

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